Electrical Operations

Area of Operations: Electrical

1. HT Installation

a. 11/22/33 Substation

b. 11/22/33 KV OH lines

c. Ring Main Units

d. HT Cable Work

2. Area Lighting

a. Road Lighting

b. High mast Lighting

c. Street Lighting

d. Garden Lighting

e. Solar Street Lighting

f. Area Beautification

g. Industrial lighting

3. Internal Electrification

a. Secondary lower wiring

b. Industrial Electrification

c. LT Distribution Panels

d. DG Sets & AMF panels

e. HVAC system

4. Road Infrastructure

a. Sign board

b. Overhead Gantry Structure

c. Cantilever Pole

d. Road Marking

e. Road Signals & Blinkers

f. Road Delineators & Bollards

5. Pumping Station

a. Pumping Station

b. Hydro pneumatic system

c. Water treatment Plant (RO)

6. Fabrication

a. Fabrication of Railing

b. Toll Booth & guard rail

c. Bus shelter

d. Street light Pole

e. Parking shade

f. Gantry Structure

g. Pre Fab Shade